When bad news or betrayal knocks on your door, you don’t have to feel defenseless. There are far better strategies than fear or anger. It is possible to rise above the storm when you see adversity as your upswing and not your downfall. Leadership consultant and minister Alfred Ells points the way to a far better and brighter outcome in The Resilient Leader.

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In this practical and transformative guide, ordained minister and leadership consultant Alfred Ells reveals how conflict and adversity can change a ministry for the better.  In The Resilient Leader, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare for conflict and crisis
  • Use ten proven steps to resolving conflict
  • Implement five disciplines that build resilience
  • Surrender control and begin to trust again
  • Build a healthy organizational culture
A message from Al about Resilience

Meet Al

Meet Al

Alfred Ells is a bestselling author, ordained minister, and the founder-director of Leaders That Last. As a master coach and leadership consultant, he has helped many pastors, executives, and denominational leaders find and fulfill their destiny in Christ. He has also founded or helped establish many Christ-centered treatment programs for individuals, families, and youth, including Samaritan Counseling Services. Al resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife Susan. 


In this book, Al shares an array of personal and professional insights, none of which can be fully understood and applied without Jesus Christ as our life center and his presence in the invaluable friendships he gives us. This book is a good as it gets. It’s profoundly insightful. It’s said that prophets are seers. To me Al is a prophetic counselor because of his uncanny and sometimes unsettling ability to see into me and through me. If you are close-minded, don’t read this book! But if you want life-changing insights grounded in God’s word, get ready to be challenged and changed. And certainly talk about what you read with your friends.
Gary Kinnaman

Pastor & Author

Al Ells has written a book of great importance to everyone who is leading an organization!  Not only do we, as leaders, want to survive our leadership role, but we want to thrive in it as well.  Al has very practical insights on how to do that in whatever position of leadership you might find yourself in.  Al has been incredibly helpful in my personal leadership role over the years and has offered me great wisdom and insight. I have recommended Al's other books and publications to many, many leaders over the years and I highly recommend this book as well.
Brian Anderson

Vice President, Vineyard Churches USA

Al Ells is a great coach and friend to hundreds of leaders across the nation. As with all of his books, The Resilient Leader is written like a practical how-to manual. He addresses the challenges that all of us as leaders deal with at some point in our lives and does so in a way that shines a light on the path to hope. This isn’t a feel good book; it is a work hard book that will challenge you to come to grips with habits or lifestyle issues that cause you to settle for far less than God’s desires for your leadership. Leaders That Thrive continues Al’s legacy on how to model ministry well!
Dr. Greg Weins

Chief Catalyst, Healthy Growing Churches & Healthy Growing Leaders