Several years ago I had hit a crisis point.  All the facets of ministry at a large, fast-growing church had taken a toll on my physical and emotional health. Entering my sabbatical, I wasn’t sure if I would return. At one of my lowest times in ministry, God provided counsel through Al Ells.  I am grateful that he captured the content of many of our conversations in this book.  I hope they impact you the way they impacted me.

Scott Ridout

President, Converge Worldwide

Al Ells is one of the most effective Christian counselors we have ever known. He has helped some of the most high profile leaders in America weather the storms of conflict, crisis, and betrayal. In his new book The Resilient Leader, Al gives guiding principles to help leaders manage crisis in a way that shapes their future success. Every Christian leader needs to read this. It’s a powerful and much needed book! 

Hal and Cheryl Sacks

Co-Founders , BridgeBuilders Intl. Leadership Network

Al Ells is one of the most insightful and wisest Christian leaders I know. He is a marriage and family therapist and mental health professional who understands leadership like few others. Sitting under his teaching and mentoring the last twelve years has made me a much better leader and enriched my life significantly. In The Resilient Leader Al provides profound insight and understanding about leadership challenges and issues that plague most pastors. I wish I had this resource when I started my ministry.

Dr. Doug Talley

Executive State Pastor, Indiana Ministries of the Church of God

You were designed to overcome your challenges and live a life displaying God’s heart of mercy, love and redemption to the world around you. Al Els has personally and effectively walked countless leaders through the torment of crisis, and offers strategy and hope to truly experience the kind of victory that becomes contagious and authentic. With careful exploration into biblical stories; true life examples and practical steps, this book will equip you to face your buried pain and prepare you for the life of effective leadership you have been praying for! We highly recommend this book.
Bob & Audrey Meisner

Founders, Love Married Life

Just like Batman needed an Alfred in his life, every ministry leader needs the wisdom that Alfred Ells offers in The Resilient Leader! When my crisis hit a few years ago, Al Ells knew something about me that I didn’t know; I needed resilience. During that tumultuous season, I was so blessed to know Al personally and ask him for wisdom through the darkest time in thirty years of ministry. Not everyone has that kind of personal access. Reading this book will give you the key ingredients that Al taught me about resilience. Now I’m dreaming again personally and professionally and by God’s grace, I’m growing in my resilience.

Brian Smith, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Hope Church & President of Campus Changer Network

In a culture that values comfort, convenience and ease, God often uses pain, difficulty and suffering to develop leadership within us. In this book, Al Ells, who is both a seasoned counselor and a pastor to pastors explains how to interpret the many ways God works in our lives to grow us into maturity. The Resilient Leader is a must read for anyone who desires to understand the power of adversity in shaping character.

Cal Jernigan

Senior Pastor, Central Christian Church of Arizona

As one who has been on the receiving end of Al’s wisdom more than once, I am very pleased he has taken the time to write on this very important, but often neglected, subject. I predict readers (especially leaders) will conclude this book is worth its weight in gold. Embracing adversity is counterintuitive and sometimes difficult. But I am reminded of C.S. Lewis’ observation that “God’s love marshals us where we would go if we truly knew what we wanted.” I suspect my own copy of this book will have plenty of worn, dog-eared pages.
George Otis, Jr.

President, Sentinel Group

Al speaks directly to the church in a time of need. Al is scholar-practitioner. He has the life understanding to speak with utmost veracity, but he also has the stripes, so he speaks with Calvary’s compassion. His message is not only a prophetic word, but a redemptive protocol to restore leaders and saints back to health. The Resilient Leader is a must-read for everyone, especially in this season of Christendom.

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro

President, New Hope Christian College

Adversity, conflict, disappointment and angst are a part of life. Al Ells is uniquely qualified to speak to these difficult and sensitive topics in this meaningful book. I know of few leaders who have personally counseled, cared and loved on more leaders than Al. If you are a leader, and you are in the midst of pain, or if have yet to encounter a crisis, this book is for you. Overflowing with wisdom, insight and personal vulnerability, The Resilient Leader is for every leader who desires a more honest transformational relationship with Jesus. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the generous love of Jesus in the midst of a fragmented world.
Jimmy Dodd

Founder and President, PastorServe

When I found out Al was writing a book on how to be resilient, I immediately asked for an advance copy. Why? For one, Al is simply put, one of the wisest men I know. Secondly, I need resilience to finish strong. We all do. This book is one of the most practical and inspiring guides to help you do just that.

Ashley Wooldridge

Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley

Al Ells has been counseling leaders with practical wisdom for over forty years. His books and newsletters provide insights that help leaders with their ministry, business and families. Al has helped me at critical times in my ministry. The Resilient Leader will help you to build on a strong foundation, so the legacy of your ministry and family will be lasting fruitfulness.
Mark Buckley

President, Grace Association of Churches, Ministers and Ministries

Al’s wisdom and counsel have deeply impacted my life and work over the past decade of ministry! It’s a privilege to count him as a close friend and wise sage in my life. Al is a skilled surgeon who knows how to get down in the root causes of our pains in leadership. Not just to bring some comfort and encouragement, but he zeroes in with laser focus on the foundations of authentic, spiritual leadership. As I reflected on the pages of his new book and the wisdom and perspective he brings here, I don’t know any veteran of ministry who would not benefit from his practical truths and advice!

Jon Bennett

Senior Generosity Strategist, Generis