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Intimacy in Relationships

Al emphasizes how both partners need to feel connected and well bonded. Intimacy can be defined as the inner most sharing and accepting of who we are and hope to be. Read article

Sex is for Christians

Interestingly, Redbook magazine did a study a number of years ago on sexual satisfaction among women and found that Christian women have the most fulfilling sex life. Read article

Sexual Imprinting Video

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The Ultimate Betrayal

Sadly, we are hearing more and more stories of allegations of sexual abuse of minors by church leadership. Some of you may have even been personally connected to one of these tragic occurrences. It is an unfortunate reality that today's pastors must be prepared for how to handle these delicate and hurtful situations. This month's article provides advice that protects all involved: the victim, the accused and the church as a whole. Read article

Pornography: Finding Freedom

WARNING: This article is intended for a mature audience. Topics covered in this article might be considered too graphic for some audiences.Nobody wants to talk about it, but the fact is that pornography addiction is just as rampant in the Christian community as it is in the rest of society. This highly addictive, pervasive and destructive problem has reached epidemic levels. Al shares some practical steps to breaking pornography's powerful hold. Read article

Keeping the Internet Innocent: Today's Porn Problem

The internet has brought many benefits to our world, allowing us to accomplish things we never would have dreamed of a decade ago. However, with those advances come a host of new problems, the most insidious of which is internet porn. Al's article provides strategies to prevent this plague from entering your home, or breaking free if it already has. Read article