Relationships Resources

Is it Lust, Love or Chemistry?

But it wasn't long after the wedding day when the romantic feelings declined. I was confused. "How come we don't still feel the love? Read article

Don't Let the 'BIRGers" Get Close to You!

BIRGing in the Christian culture is seen when individuals want to be close to a leader because it makes them feel better about themselves and enhances their reputation with others. Read article

How to Avoid One-Way Relationships

Al addresses the major issues discussed in his book "One Way Relationships". In many marriages there is one person who takes the major responsibility for keeping the relationship viable. Read article

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

If a person owns his or her need to change and stops blame-shifting or waiting for the other to change, then personal and relational growth can happen and usually does. Read article

The Five Love Languages

To engender the feeling of love in your partner or child you must simply learn to speak his or her love language. View the PowerPoint (pdf) and test what you have learned with the worksheet.

How to Resolve a Grievance

It happens more than we'd like to admit: Christians unable to resolve conflict with one another, causing hurtful strife and strained or dissolved friendships. Sadly, most of the time our conflicts do not need to come to this extreme point when all that is needed is effective communication. This article provides some practical steps to take if you are experiencing grievances in your organization. Read article

Crisis or Conflict? Don't Look for Allies!

During times of conflict in life, an ally might sound like the type of person you would want in your corner. However, allies will not always deliver the tough messages you might need to hear. Read on for ways to ensure you find the good friends that will look out for your well being during these difficult seasons. Read article

Why Do Pastors Get Fired?

It's not something we like to talk about, but it happens all the time: Pastors getting fired. Sometimes it happens because of wrongdoing on the part of the pastor, but sometimes it happens when everything seems to be going well. What contributes to this? How can pastors prevent it from happening to them? Read article

How to Resolve Conflict

Here's a tip: Print this article. Make a couple copies. Keep one copy at work and one copy at home. Pull it out when you're stuck in a disagreement, and follow the steps. These ten steps have stood the test of time. They promote rational dialogue, maintain respect and dignity, while producing a God-honoring outcome to any conflict in your life. Read article

When Sheep Bite

While the life of a pastor can be filled with the greatest joys as well as the deepest sorrows. The greatest heartbreak a pastor can experience is when his own flock turns against him. Unfortunately, this is an all-too common occurence. In this article, Al discusses some ways to handle these difficult seasons. Read article

Journeying On

Pastors are staying in position for shorter durations these days, which prevents a host of issues to consider when the time comes to move on. The circumstances, the congregation and of course, God's will. This article helps determine the best course of action for your particular situation. Read article

Together or Separate

Sometimes, conflicts in ministry help develop us and ultimately make us stronger and more focused. Other times, it is better to go separate ways for the sake of peers and the ministry. So how do you decide? Al has some guidelines that will help. Read article