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It Was So Unfair

When people treat me unfairly I feel wronged. I think most of us are sensitive to how fairly we are treated. If we are mistreated we want justice. Read article

Do Succesful Leaders Need Adversity?

We quit relationships, jobs, churches and even God. Yet the scripture is clear in Luke 11 that it costs to be a disciple of Christ and we can't quit when adversity and challenge come our way. Read article

How to Take a Sabattical

Pastors, associates, and ministry leaders are called to lives of service to others. Such devotion is commendable and part of the calling, but what happens when endlessly helping others begins to take its toll? Oftentimes devotion to others and the concomitant pressures exceed ones internal resources? Read article

Have You Heard of Mobbing?

Leadership storms come from many directions and sometimes all at once. Knowing the etiology can make a difference in both dealing with and preventing them. Read article

The Shelf Life of a Leader

Should I stay or should I go? It's a simple question, but often the decision itself is very complex. Dr. Spence's article helps pastors determine when to stay in role or seek a new challenge. Read article

Why Do Pastors Get Fired?

It's not something we like to talk about, but it happens all the time: Pastors getting fired. Sometimes it happens because of wrongdoing on the part of the pastor, but sometimes it happens when everything seems to be going well. What contributes to this? How can pastors prevent it from happening to them? Read article

IQ, EQ, ... OQ?

Society is constantly coming up with ways to measure indicators of success. First came IQ, how book smart you were. Then EQ, or how well you could read others and adapt. Now there is another metric on the table: Organizational Intelligence, or OQ. In this article we dig into what it means to have a high OQ, and why it is important to success as a leader. Read article

Getting the Leader You Need

How do you know the kind of leader you need for your organization? Choosing from a group of qualified candidates can be difficult without determining the specific criteria needed. Where to start? This article provides a framework for the process. Read article

Family or Team?

How often have you heard a leader say, "In our organization, we're just like family"? Although it sounds nice on the surface, a family- like culture can be detrimental. In this article I discuss why that is and why instilling a "team" atmosphere is important for maximum effectiveness. Read article

The Ultimate Betrayal

Sadly, we are hearing more and more stories of allegations of sexual abuse of minors by church leadership. Some of you may have even been personally connected to one of these tragic occurrences. It is an unfortunate reality that today's pastors must be prepared for how to handle these delicate and hurtful situations. This month's article provides advice that protects all involved: the victim, the accused and the church as a whole. Read article

Catching the Fallen

It should come as no surprise that church leaders are human, and capable of making mistakes. However, they are held to a higher standard as leaders of the flock. When a leader stumbles it can be difficult to decide the appropriate action: to restore or release. Read on for some helpful guidelines. Read article

Managing Gods Workers

Firing someone is never easy, and it is even harder within the context of the church. This article offers guidance on how to identify problem performers on your paid or volunteer staff, and how to correctly and respectfully handle the situation. Read article

When Sheep Bite

While the life of a pastor can be filled with the greatest joys as well as the deepest sorrows. The greatest heartbreak a pastor can experience is when his own flock turns against him. Unfortunately, this is an all-too common occurence. In this article, Al discusses some ways to handle these difficult seasons. Read article

Who is the Man in Your Life?

The old saying "it's lonely at the top" applies to pastors just as much as the rest of the world. Many pastors and Christian leaders lack a true friend, someone who can provide godly direction, encouragement and even admonishment when needed. If you do not have a person like this in your life, this article gives some characteristics to look for, and how to pray for God to bless you with such a friendship. Read article

In Your Eyes: Creating Visionary Teams for Visionary Leaders

Often, visionary leaders experience isolation and a lack of buy-in from those within their organization. This article provides some practical suggestions to help instill vision in your leadership team. Read article

Journeying On

Pastors are staying in position for shorter durations these days, which prevents a host of issues to consider when the time comes to move on. The circumstances, the congregation and of course, God's will. This article helps determine the best course of action for your particular situation. Read article

Do Something

In an age when everyone's an expert and success seems to come without much effort, true leadership qualities can be harder and harder to find. Certain characteristics make a leader strong. Read on to see which ones you have, and which ones you want to work on. Read article

High C

Micromanagement, defensiveness, anger and blame: All are unpleasant behaviors exhibited by leaders who are "High C's." Read on to find out if you are leading your ministry with "High C" tendencies, and how to avoid doing so. Read article

If the Devil Can't Make You Bad, He'll Make You Busy

For Christian leaders, it is tempting to pile on commitments and responsibilities in the name of furthering a ministry. The problem is that when humans attempt superhuman tasks, we inevitably fail, and that failure can lead to stress and burnout. Read on for a few tips on simplifying a hectic lifestyle. Read article

The Overlooked Secret to High-level Leadership

Do you avoid unpleasant tasks? Are your work habits haphazard? Can others rely on you? Sometimes what seems like human nature is really slothfulness subtly infiltrating our lives, and the repercussions can be grave. This article offers some tips for avoiding derailing behaviors while enhancing effective ones. Read article

Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

Divinely inspired, long-range planning is just as important as the Holy Spirit's daily guidance. In this article, Al provides step-by-step- instructions on what a strategic planning process should look like. Read article

Sharpening Your Sight

God has a vision for you. Go you have any idea what it is? It's not a matter of if it exists; it's a matter of finding it. If you feel uninspired and aimless in your ministry, you lack divine vision. This article contains some practical tips for restoring that vision in your life. Read article

Team Huddle

Want a more motivated leadership team? It may be time for a "team huddle" in the form of a leadership retreat. Even the best teams need time to refocus and recharge. This article outlines fresh activities you can use at your next retreat to restore vision, settle conflicts, and develop an inspired plan for the future. Read article