Governance and Boards of Elders Resources

Governance/Board of Elders Overview

How Governance is in a church makes all the difference in the success of the future. Watch this video for what governance is and is not and things you can do to govern your church better. Watch Video

One Common Board Leadership Mistake

Boards of Directors or Trustees are put in place to create a healthy, productive environment in organizations like churches and non-profits. In fact the example that the early church sets for us specifically calls for them. However, any group run by fallible humans is bound to experience chaos. Read on for how to identify trouble ahead and how to resolve it. Read article

Board Ethics: How to Prevent Your Board from Behaving Badly

Although board members are selected because of their maturity and respectability within an organization, they do not always know how to best handle the murkier situations that can arise among constituents. I explain some fundamental guidelines to help boards be most equitable and efficient, thereby minimizing conflict. Read article

The Board Model Makes the Difference

Establishing a board of directors is an important step to creating a healthy church, large or small, new or mature. It is a step that is often overlooked or done in haste. The wrong board structure or the wrong board members can truly harm a church, while the right ones can assist it to flourish with God's hand. This article helps you examine what model of board exists in your church--and whether it needs to change. Read article

The Ten Fundamental Responsibilities of a Board

So you've determined which model of board suits your ministry, and appointed members to serve on it. What exactly should they be doing? The second article in our three-part series on church boards outlines the ten fundamental responsibilities of an effective board of directors. Read article

How to do the Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes, though tedious at times, are essential to protecting the integrity of your ministry. Do your board members know how to take minutes thoroughly and accurately? This article explains how. Read article