Self Help and Inspirational Books

Leaders That Last: How Covenant Friendships Can Help Pastors Thrive

Gary Kinnaman and Alfred Ells M.C.

A Pastor can't go it alone. With the stress that comes with a life of service, leaders can too easily stumble, burn out, or feel the need to leave the ministry altogether. Leaders That Last provides a solution to this problem of going it alone. By submitting to a mentoring relationship, building strong friendships, and being challenged by fellow pastors to stay faithful to the call, a leader can find balance while he or she grows. The proven "Pastors in Covenant" model described in this book shows how to form small help groups with other trusted colleagues. These teams hold eachother personally and professionally accountable and provide a lifeline during troubled times.

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Restoring Innocence*: Healing the Memories and Hurts That Hinder Sexual Intimacy

*Also reprinted as Released to Love.

Alfred Ells M.C.


Does the past control your sex life today? Restoring Innocence is an in-depth look at the personal struggles many of us secretly experience with sex. Al offers sound, practical, life-changing advice on how to:

  • Overcome painful memories and shame

  • Recover from sexual problems and dysfunctions

  • Live with a spouse who has been hurt by past sexual experiences

  • Face someone who has hurt or abused you

  • Break the power of codependent or compulsive practices

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One-Way Relationships: When you love them more than they love you

Alfred Ells, M.C.


The majority of today's relationship problems are one-way problems: one person loving, caring, or giving more in a relationship than the other. It rarely works. Millions of friendships, parent-child relationships and even employer-employee relationships are caught in this vicious cycle of codependency.


This best-selling book will help you recognize when love is healthy and when it's codependent, providing tools to improve a lopsided relationship.

One-Way Relationships offers healing and lasting answers to the hidden causes of problems stemming from and unbalanced relationship.

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New Beginnings: Daily Devotional for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Alfred Ells M.C.


Hope and Healing for your new beginning. With heartfelt compassion, women survivors of sexual abuse share personal insights and hope with other victims in A New Beginning. Through devotionals and poems, you will be inspired to face your wounds and seek lasting healing. As A New Beginning comforts, guides, and assists you on your path to recovery, it also encourages you to let God's touch remove the harm, heal the hurts, and give you a new beginning.


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First You Cry — A Handbook of Hope for Families

Dianne McLaughlin Meraglia with Alfred H Ells, M.C.


Offers hope to families who suffer from the devastating challenges of anorexia and bulimia. Nine families of children with eating disorders describe their unique situations and share what they have learned.


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