Al EllsLeadership is a calling...
to accomplishment through leading others. We believe that healthy leaders, leading healthy ministries, change cities. To do so, leaders need safe places and specialized services. At Leaders that Last Ministries™ we help leaders sustain excellence in ministry. Allow us to be a part of what you are meant to do: LEAD.

Al Ells

Rev. Al Ells M.C.

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What Is Your Mission In Life?

A mission statement is a powerful document that expresses your personal sense of purpose and meaning in life. It acts as a governing constitution by which you evaluate decisions and choose behaviors. Read article

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Know Your Purpose

Living life with purpose is a gift that empowers accomplishment and personal fulfillment. People hunger for purpose and direction. The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren's brainchild, is the second best-selling book of all-time. Read article

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